Monday, 18 June 2012

Hands-on With Microsoft’s Tablet: Plenty of Surface, Not Much Depth [PICS]

Windows Chief Steve Sinofsky 
 Sinofsky demonstrates just how easy it is to watch video hands-free with the Surface's kickstand.

The Lineup
Microsoft Surface comes in a couple different flavors: regular and pro.

Spot Steve Ballmer
The Microsoft CEO is hiding in the audience in this picture.

Ballmer on Stage
The Microsoft chief wraps up the presentation portion of the event.

Behind the scenes
Microsoft Surface employees demonstrate the new tablet.

Want to hold it?
Media were allowed to touch the Surface for a brief moment.

Quality casing
Microsoft custom designed every part of the Surface's construction to a matter of microns.

The Touch Cover
Here's the regular cover with barely raised felt keys and trackpad.

Under the Cover
Though it looks simple, the slim keyboard cover is made of seven layers.

Surface with Cover
Here's what the blue cover looks like.

Pro Cover
This shot gives you a sense of just how thin it is.

Surface view
We got to see a lot of this homescreen.

Up close ... 

... and PowerPoint.
A preview of the Microsoft Office favorite, 2013 version.

Light enough
The Surface balances on one hand.

Behind the Barrier
This is as close as the video guys were allowed to get.

On a Pedestal
The varieties of Surface Touch Covers on display.

Media scrum
Members of the press swarm each demonstration table.

Stage show
This set was pretty neat.

Read More at Mashable all of the pictures are taken from mashable and all credit goes to Mashable

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